Monthly Archives: October 2014

Guild Hall Talk

The volunteers from Guild Hall Art Center were by my place for a talk about my years in photography, and to look at photos. Below is a photo from the event. There was about 25 people present and we had a good time.

Guild hall talk

Kayak Building

I’ve taken up building skin on frame kayaks in the traditional style from Greenland. The frames are made from several different wood species and joined using traditional joinery methods such as mortise and tenon, pegs, and lashings, The skin is made from ballistic nylon coated with either polyurethane or epoxy with a dye added. No screws or glues are used to hold the joints together. The skin is sewn on before coating. Each Boat takes about a year to make, because I work on them in my spare time. Below is a photo of the two boats. The blue boat is 17 feet long and 24 inches wide I finished building it in 2008. The red boat is 15 feet long and 24 inches wide and built in 2014. Please take a look at the new Kayak pages to see a few build photos. Thanks.

Two skin on frame kayaks

Two skin on frame kayaks