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Ice Boats on Mecox Bay

Thursday January 18th I made a last minute check of the ice on Mecox Bay and found the ice boaters out. Most were  getting the last day of ice racing in before the weather warmed up. The racers were excited because the ice was smooth and fast. Trying as many runs as they could before the days light vanished.


Three ice boats itching to get on the ice

Ice Boater at rest

Douglas Adams takes the Arctic Blast out for a run on the ice.

Arctic Blast at rest

Portrait of Arctic Blast and Douglas Adams

Pushing onto the ice

Close up of deck detail

Two boats lined up for a run.

Ice boats sit on the ready for a future run

Prepping for the next run on the ice.

Exhibit Southampton Cultural Center

Exhibit Southampton Cultural Center March 1 through April 10. I am having this exhibit with my good friend and wonderful painter Eileen Dawn Skretch. Eileen and I produce large scale art that is breath taking especially in the Cultural Center’s gallery

To meet the Artist there is a reception March 12 4-6 PM


Long Tailed Duck

I was in Sag Harbor and spied this small flock of about ten ducks. They were  a species I hadn’t seen around here before. I sat on the Village Wharf and waited for them to get within camera range and took a few photos. I looked up the ducks and found out they were Long Tailed Ducks which come down from Northern Canada to winter over.

A Long Tailed Duck in Sag Harbor

A Long Tailed Duck in Sag Harbor

A Long Tailed Duck heading my way

A Long Tailed Duck heading my way

Ice Boats on Mecox

Today I stopped over to Mecox Bay and caught the end of the day ice boaters. Every winter when the bay ices over these hardy sailers get there ice boats out. Some of these boats can reach speeds of 65 mph or more. Below are a couple of photos from the day.

ice boarder on Mecox Bay

Ice boarder on Mecox Bay

The Arctic Blast and reflections

The Arctic Blast and reflections

Getting ready to race

Getting ready to race


For Christmas I posted a photo of the Water Mill windmill, which is a classic English style windmill. While we go through a deep freeze in most of the country, and some friends are missing the weather of golf season, I thought I would post the windmill from the National Golf Links of America. The windmill is a Dutch style windmill and an icon of one of the oldest golf course in America. There are only two Dutch style windmills on Long Island that I am aware of the other is on the campus of Stonybrook Southampton College.

National #2-AFrom the fairway on the second hole.National #16-2The 16th green which is a blind hole the reason for two flags on the green

Upcoming Exhibit

I am pretty excited we just finalized the details for an upcoming exhibit at the Rosalie Dimon Gallery at The Jamesport Manor Inn. The dates for the exhibit are February 6 – May 1, 2014. The exhibit is sponsored by East End Arts. Information about an opening reception to follow shortly. The exhibit will be of large scale landscape photos.

Castle Hill Lighthouse

In October we went to Newport for a little fun for a few days. While exploring the coast we came across Castle Hill Lighthouse. The lighthouse is on the beautiful grounds of the Castle Hill Inn. While at the lighthouse I took a few photos with a DSLR and an I-Phone. I used the new pano feature of the phone’s software to get the results shown. I put a photo of the light with the DSLR as a comparison. The phone does a pretty good job, but doesn’t have the detail and losses the highlights some. It was a gray day, but I was able to use Photoshop to make the day look brighter. Still the phone photo is a pretty good quality.



Photo taken with DSLR, and 28mm lens

Photo taken with DSLR, and 28mm lens

Photo taken with I-phone pano featurePhoto taken with I-phone pano feature