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Ice Boats on Mecox Bay

Thursday January 18th I made a last minute check of the ice on Mecox Bay and found the ice boaters out. Most were  getting the last day of ice racing in before the weather warmed up. The racers were excited because the ice was smooth and fast. Trying as many runs as they could before the days light vanished.


Three ice boats itching to get on the ice

Ice Boater at rest

Douglas Adams takes the Arctic Blast out for a run on the ice.

Arctic Blast at rest

Portrait of Arctic Blast and Douglas Adams

Pushing onto the ice

Close up of deck detail

Two boats lined up for a run.

Ice boats sit on the ready for a future run

Prepping for the next run on the ice.


Took a hike at Montauk Point and couldn’t resist taking a few photos. The Lighthouse of course, and a few other iconic Montauk Point images.

A lounge chair on a boulder to watch the breaks.

An ocean boulder at low tide.

An old guard shack from the Camp Hero days

The Lighthouse decked out for the holidays

Sixteen Foot Kayak Frame

A hobby of mine is building skin on frame kayaks. Recently I finished two kayaks both sixteen feet long. I built them simultaneously and when the frames were finished I photographed one frame. Perching the frame on Shinnecock Jetty was an ideal background to display the framework. Shortly when the weather permits both kayaks will be photographed in there finished state.

16 foot kayak on Shinnecock Jetty

16 foot kayak on Shinnecock Jetty

16 foot kayak frame