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On the day after Valentine’s Day I made little to trip to the beach and came across this Snowy Owl. I grabbed a couple of shots. I am not a wildlife photographer, but I’ll take a few photos when the opportunity shows it self.


Snowy Owl on fence post

Snowy Owl on fence with jetty in background

Snowy Owl in flight

Snowy Owl in flight

Snowy Owl in flight gliding

Ice Boats on Mecox Bay

Thursday January 18th I made a last minute check of the ice on Mecox Bay and found the ice boaters out. Most were  getting the last day of ice racing in before the weather warmed up. The racers were excited because the ice was smooth and fast. Trying as many runs as they could before the days light vanished.


Three ice boats itching to get on the ice

Ice Boater at rest

Douglas Adams takes the Arctic Blast out for a run on the ice.

Arctic Blast at rest

Portrait of Arctic Blast and Douglas Adams

Pushing onto the ice

Close up of deck detail

Two boats lined up for a run.

Ice boats sit on the ready for a future run

Prepping for the next run on the ice.

Hard Sailing on Mecox Bay

I was out on Mecox Bay last week during the cold snap and came across the ice boat sailors. After getting a few still photos I took some video. It wasn’t my plan to make a video. This is my first attempt at video and is very amateurish. The video can be watched at the link below. I hope you enjoy the video. Still photos will be in tomorrows post.

Hard Sailing on Mecox Bay

Last week I stopped in on Mecox Bay and the Hard Sailors were out on the ice. I didn't intend to take any video so the quality is a little rough. I hope you enjoy the video.

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Took a hike at Montauk Point and couldn’t resist taking a few photos. The Lighthouse of course, and a few other iconic Montauk Point images.

A lounge chair on a boulder to watch the breaks.

An ocean boulder at low tide.

An old guard shack from the Camp Hero days

The Lighthouse decked out for the holidays

Yosemite Valley

June 2017 I had the opportunity to travel to Yosemite Valley. Having studied photography at the San Francisco Art Institute and, meeting Ansel Adams while at the school, it was with great anticipation that I traveled to the Valley. Yosemite Valley is a very spiritual place with majestic mountains all around you. It is easy to see why the valley was such an important muse for Adams and the thousands of photographers to follow him. Below are just a few of the photos from the two galleries added to my website. Enjoy the photos and visit the galleries and if possible make some of your own images of the valley.

Tunnel view

Yosemite Valley View

Half Dome

Royal Arches and North Dome

El Capitan

Merced River

Launching Two Sixteen Foot Kayaks

Sunday we launched two sixteen foot kayaks on their maiden voyages. A group of friends came down for the event and we had a good time. My good friend Chris Foster was there and took the photos.

Anthony in new kayak on it’s maiden voyage

Two new kayaks getting ready for their maiden voyages

John trying out the new kayak

Paddling a newly launched kayak

Anthony walked the kids out and gave them a push to shore to ride in the boats

Sixteen Foot Kayaks Finished!

I actually finished the construction of these two boats in December but waited till this month to install the deck lines. Returning to the same place as the photos of the frames were taken new photos of the finished boats were taken.

Sixteen Foot Copper Kayak on the beach

Two Sixteen Kayaks on the beach at Shinnecok Inlet

Burgundy Boat on the Rocks at Shinnecock

Montauk Commercial Fish Docks

I had a free day and spent it at the commercial fishing docks at Montauk. I have always found working boats and the gear fascinating. This day the colors of the gear caught my attention.

Marker floats used to mark fishing lines and nets

Fishing net

Fishing net and glove

Trap markers

Multi colored lobster pots

Fishing Boat starboard side

Wire line with rub guards

Sixteen Foot Kayak Frame

A hobby of mine is building skin on frame kayaks. Recently I finished two kayaks both sixteen feet long. I built them simultaneously and when the frames were finished I photographed one frame. Perching the frame on Shinnecock Jetty was an ideal background to display the framework. Shortly when the weather permits both kayaks will be photographed in there finished state.

16 foot kayak on Shinnecock Jetty

16 foot kayak on Shinnecock Jetty

16 foot kayak frame