Monthly Archives: June 2014

Commercial work

Recently I came across these two covers and thought it might be interesting to show the work I did in the 1980’s. Especially since I have been too busy with work, yard chores and having fun, to update the website with new photography. I have been working on some new ideas for projects but haven’t picked up the camera in weeks.

When I had a commercial photo studio the majority of the work I did was pretty boring, but occasionally I would get more interesting assignments. Recently I came across these two old covers for a trade magazine Beverage World. Beverage World was a trade magazine for everything related to the beverage industry. I photographic covers for them for several years. Both covers were shot with 4 X 5 slide film and strobe lights in the studio. All work was done in the camera there was no retouching.

On the beer cover we went through almost a case of beer trying to get the right head on the beer. It also required filtering the rear projection to correct color since the projector bulb is very yellow compared to the flash tubes. It also required three exposures one for each light source. The light sources were the projector, the light through the window and the light on the beer.

The fish in the bottle was much easier. I used a translucent background material and placed the main light behind it. Then a fill light next to the camera give the fish a little color. It took a lot of exposures to get the fish in the right places.

I hope you enjoy these. When I get some new work done I will be sure to post what I am up to. Thanks.BeverageWorld1BeverageWorld2