Monthly Archives: January 2014

Original Images

These are the original images before processing in the post below. As can be seen here there is a real lack of detail in the shadows. Both images were exposed for the highlights and processed for the blacks. In traditional film the workflow was expose for the shadows and print for the highlights. When I was shooting both film and digital it would get confusing at times.

DSC_0046 DSC_0068

Advantages of Digital

Below are two images that I recently captured at Montauk in Camp Hero, the park on the ocean side of the point. I was unable to upload the unedited images due to problems it created in the galleries. In both images the foreground shadows are very deep with what appears tom be little our no detail. Originally shot in color and exposed to preserve the highlights then processed in Lightroom, Photoshop and Nik softwares. Besides the obvious conversion to black and white I was able to extract a great amount of detail in the shadows. These are not a HDR images, (high dynamic range). HDR images are a merge of several different exposures.

Montauk Light and Clouds

Montauk Bluffs


For Christmas I posted a photo of the Water Mill windmill, which is a classic English style windmill. While we go through a deep freeze in most of the country, and some friends are missing the weather of golf season, I thought I would post the windmill from the National Golf Links of America. The windmill is a Dutch style windmill and an icon of one of the oldest golf course in America. There are only two Dutch style windmills on Long Island that I am aware of the other is on the campus of Stonybrook Southampton College.

National #2-AFrom the fairway on the second hole.National #16-2The 16th green which is a blind hole the reason for two flags on the green